Budget Plans

We work with you to estimate your heating oil needs for the upcoming heating season, then we distribute the payments equally over a period of 11 or 12 months so that you can enjoy a known payment amount each month.

Automatic Delivery Service

We promise to keep your heating oil tank constantly full so you never have to worry. How? We start with a detailed assessment of your tank size, then, we monitor your heating oil usage patterns. We even monitor the incoming weather to make sure nothing hinders your oil delivery. We keep our promises, because we know peace of mind is invaluable.


BioHeat oil is a clean-burning, renewable fuel made from vegetable oil instead of petroleum. Domestically produced, Bioheat can literally be grown at home-helping to support our nation’s farmers and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

Volume Discounts

Twin City Fuel offers volume discounts. Prices do change sometimes daily. Please call our office for todays volume discount.

Military Discounts

We Support Our Troops. Please let us know if you, a spouse or child is in the military so we can always attach a discount for you. We appreciate your service! Thank You!

Senior Discounts

Who doesn’t enjoy their senior discounts! You’ve earned it! If you are 65 or older, let us know so we can give you your discount.

Premium Winterized Fuel for Outdoor Tanks

50 Gallon Deliveries